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similar Western Raffia Hat

Let me tell ya...
John Brady started Shady Brady Hat Company back in the days of Hippies and "Flower Power".  John was a beach kinda guy. Laid back most times with just enough paranoia to keep him attentive & sharp! He had a retail thing in California and began to make his own hats. His forte has always been something with a laid-back look and still hold up in surf & sand "beachy" weather.

John and I developed a small bond over the years. A mutual respect.  And now that Mr Brady is no longer with us, and his hats have been off the market for lots of years. I wanted to resurrect some of them, as "look alikes", in his honor. But I can't put his label in 'em. That just wouldn't be right to do. ( I'm workin on another "Cool Name" and ya'll can email me some suggestions if ya'll like to.)

I've found the RCA type bodies and we layer ridiculously many multiple coats of hand applied hat lacquers, and board lacquers too, to these Ecuadorian Raffia bodies. 

Our "revived hats" have a Comfort Sweat inner lining. They breathe. They don't create heat. They don't stain your forehead. They self adjust for better fit. They weren't available when John was making hats. 

These raffia hats hold shape, unlike the "shapeless after it rains" types you see in so many tourist shops. I hope that every time you wear your hat, you'll imaging my friend John Brady, on the beaches, surfboard in sand. Maybe a drink in hand. 

Better yet, explore your own possibilities. Make your own memories! You can sort of become your own Jimmy Buffet, as you relax, and dream of the good old days and even better days to come. Take in a deep breath and a deep prayer, knowing dreams do come true. (As long as you work like crazy while yer dreamin!)   

God Bless Ya,   ChuckyT

Just below, are the heart & soul of the "Shady Brady Hat" popularity. 
- The heavily lacquered Raffia with pinch front, and "Shit-Kicker" brim

Enjoy the nostalgia !  Enjoy the comfort ! 

The twisted suede hatband gives a simple character. By twisting the upper portion of the stampede string, ya get just another touch of class! 

OK, somebody already asked if we could do a black suede on this hat. Yes, just specify black twisted with your order.

OK, Get us your college logo, pin, patch, scarf, or whatever & we'll figure a classy way to attach it. But you have to figure out any endorsement fees with your alma mater. We're just doin this for you. Not as any salesy pitch. 

Vented Raffia with Twisted Suede Hatband & Matching Stampede String. 
Comfort Sweat Liner.
3.5 Inch Brim Width.  4 inch Crown Height.
Hand-Finished with Handmade hatband. Twisted brown suede cut from cowhide shoulder leather.  This hat revives an old favorite style, with a more modern profile. 
Wire in the brim edge.

Sized Small, Med, Lg, XL, XXL

If 6 3/4 fits best, we'll add an extra hat foam with your order of sz Small, just in case! 

 And now, The Very Similar hats we have available to customize for you!  We start with that hat body which is hand woven by experienced artisans, then goes to Mexico, (Bullhide Hat provides the bodies), and a comfort head liner is installed. The basic shape is formed. They apply enough hat body sizing to ship them to Cultured Cowboy. We receive them in Greenwood SC, USA, and begin adding over 10 coats of hat lacquers. We trim any "crazy" sticking out Raffia parts that might be troublesome, then apply more coats.  These hats come to us SM, MED, LG, XL.  However, at this stage we can more accurately define the sizing. For example, for a recent customer, we just finished resizing the XL, which is normally 71/2-7 5/8 into a 7 3/4. (Steam, Time, & Skills)   

Now, we begin adding multiple coats of high quality home "deck lacquers". ALL This is necessary to hold that "body" you like so much! All this keeps your hat from falling limp & losing all shape, all over the place, (like similar looking $12.00 - $30.00 hats happen whenever they get damp).

After adjustments with steam, and hand finishing, we begin making the bands. After trying to find precut leathers, we just began to hand cut our own laces from sides of leather. This gives a unique property for each band, making your hat pretty much one of its kind, with a handmade look rather than something machined. We've found the extra steps involved are well worth the completion of your "Shady" look!  (And the strength of our cuts, from shoulders, (not bellies), will serve you so much better! 

If there's a stampede string, we use dark brown enamel covered brass eyelets for the leather strands to pass through the brim. This prevents immediate tearing out of the raffia, where the chin strap comes through your brim. And, it allows the stampede string to get off you ears better.    You'll see our unique "crossover" adjustment, of leather, which holds your adjustment as you need it.  As you see below, when not in use, just pass the tails over the rear brim of your hat. It maintains the "look" and gets out of your way when you prefer such.      Hand-finished in USA from natural straw fibers & quality leathers.

Vented Raffia with Twisted Suede Hatband & Matching Stampede String. 
Comfort Sweat Liner.
Vented Raffia with Suede Crossover Hatband. 
Comfort Sweat Liner.
Vented Raffia with Plaited
Smooth Leather hatband.
Comfort Sweat Liner.

Cultured Cowboy hopes to serve you soon! Each hat is put together as you order. Processing the multiple layers of Lacquers and hand finishing the final stages & making the bands may take 1 - 4 weeks, depending on your head shape.
 You choose: Wide oval, Regular oval, Long oval or Xtra-long oval.

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