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These Weaver Collections allow you to see major parts of matching sets at a glance, rather than sifting through all the other pages. There are other pieces of horse tack that will blend into each set. You are welcome to check out the spur straps, strap goods, training equipment and other pages for more stuff! Links are at the bottom of each page.

Weaver Pretty in Pink Collection  -  Finishing this page soon.

Weaver Leather Pretty in Pink Collection is a favorite with women who ride horses. Rather than excessive amounts of pink tack, just enough bling for good taste is added to a great English Bridle leather of brown. Sterling silver plated conchos with light rose Swarovski Crystals set in pewter rings and etched nickel over brass spots give a fashionable flair. Handcrafted, with stainless steel hardware. 

Here, you can own a high-end look and feel, without quite the high-end price. AND, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to breast cancer research. This weather resistant leather makes excellent barn or arena tack. Enduring, still with attractive looks.

TOP HAND TACK - Weaver Brand puts its tack through a special burnishing process. Burnishing polishes the leather for a smooth, rich look, seals the leather for weather resistance and gives each product an excellent feel that cannot be achieved any other way.

We are often asked, "How often do I need to clean, or oil, my tack?" My mind's first response is always, "As often as it needs it." Seriously, there are people who just don't know. I have been with horse lovers that probably have not conditioned their horse equipment since they brought it home the first time. Leather is skin that has been treated to make it useful. Like the skin on your body, it needs to be cleaned and moisturized by natural oils. As long as your skin is attached, your body's moisture will keep it supple. When you get a blister, and it begins to peel, you notice it gets hard and easily falls apart. The skin has cut itself off from the moisture and it's soon gone. Leather is the same way. 

I got in the habit of wiping down my tack every time I finished for the day, before I went to eat supper. Working with it daily, you can see the subtle changes. Sweat, salt, rain, dry weather, all can crack it. I keep a rag in a jar that is laden with Lexol, but...Weaver Wipes are even smarter! I clean off all mud and grime by water hose, then wipe dry with an old towel and then apply another light coat of oil. Every now and again, it might need a deep cleaning. But by doing it all along, I get much better results by good treatment often. 

If you have students, friends who always want to ride, or "hangers-around", a great way to introduce them to tools of the trade is to have them condition the tack. Just like grooming the horses, they gain confidence through familiarity. You get stuff done!    

...However, if you choose not to take care of your stuff, we always have more to sell, & really need the money! God Bless,  CC

Pretty in Pink Headstalls & Nosebands 


Pretty in Pink Browband Headstall with Nickel Brass Spots and Swarovski Crystals

Item #WEA 10-0225
Horse size. 5/8" tapered browband headstall with etched nickel brass spots tastefully surrounding your horses head. Stylish fancy flared bit ends with Sterling silver plated conchos having light rose Swarovski Crystals set in pewter rings. 5/8" crown. Double and stitched with single ply throat latch. Stainless steel hardware. Double buckle adjustment.
CC Price:  $130.99

Compare at: $155.00


Pretty in Pink Nosebands

Item #WEA 30-0579
1" noseband with 1/2 " crown. Alum tanned crown is attached with Bleeding Heart knots. Stainless Steel buckle. Matching row of etched nickel over brass spots and faceted light rose Swarovski Crystals, set in pewter, on noseband.
CC Price:  $62.49

Compare at: $74.00





Pretty in Pink Breast Collars & Reins


Pretty in Pink Breast Collars

Item #WEA 40-0821
Adjustable to fit almost any horse. Nickel Brass spots and faceted  acrylic stones highlight the look. Width tapers from 1 1/2" to 1". Center ring with leather back protector allows freedom of movement and reduces chafing possibilities. Stainless Steel hardware. Black accented center concho. Tie down ring and stainless steel bolt snap on adjustable center strap.
CC Price:  $136.99

Compare at: $162.00


Pretty in Pink Collection Split Reins
5/8 inch x 7 ft English bridle leather split reins. Single Ply Construction. Chicago Screw bit ends. Rich Brown.

Item #WEA 50-1641
CC Price:  $40.99       Compare at: $47.00


Pretty in Pink Collection Tie Down Straps
3/4 inch x 42 inch English bridle leather tie down strap. Stainless steel Conway buckle adjustments with bolt snaps at both ends. 

Item #WEA 30-1075 Rich Brown
CC Price:  $25.99       Compare at: $30.50


Pretty in Pink Collection Roper / Barrel Reins
5/8 inch x 7 ft English bridle leather roper reins. Single rein with Conway buckle adjustment and Scissor snap at one end. 

Item #WEA 50-1643
CC Price:  $36.99       Compare at: $43.00


Pretty in Pink Collection Curb Strap Straps
Bridle leather 3 1/2 inch chain3 Flat links.  Stainless steel. 

Item #WEA 30-1389 Rich Brown
CC Price:  $17.49       Compare at: $21.50



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