Sharon Camarillo bits combine the nose and jaw pressure of a hackamore for rate and stop with gag action for lateral control and flex.  The dropped noseband allows better balance and fit with a tie down without interference from a bit.   The limited gag offers leverage to help a rider lift and balance the horse's shoulder while maintaining lateral control of the nose, neck and spine.  

Jim Warner hackamores are well designed with medium plus leverage for good control and rate.   No knots on the rope to gall a horses face.  The nose floats well when you pull the shanks, but will not drop down to cut off the horse's wind.    Swivel shanks give better flex.  

Hodges Futurity bits are designed with more lift for horses that are getting down in their front shoulders.  They retain good control while giving your horse all the flex he needs to turn. 

Reinsman Bit Company does put a "Lifetime Guarantee" on these hackamore bits. 

Calvary Shanked Mechanical Hackamore
Leather wrapped steel core nose. This round iron noseband with leather wrap offers additional bridge pressure and increased control. A mechanical hackamore is ideal for gaining control on a hard running, aggressive barrel or roping horse. The hackamore is a good choice for horses with previously cut tongues, or tooth problems. 
7" Cheeks



Sharon Camarillo 3/8" Supreme Dropped Nose Correction Hackamore
Designed to work on several pressure points at the same time. For horses that don't require as much leverage to maintain control and balance.  The dropped noseband allows a tiedown to set in proper place without interference to the bit. The shorter gag travel is for a quicker response.  
8" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Special Order Only

Camarillo Bumper Bit with Stainless Steel Wrapped Nose
The pressure of the noseband makes this an excellent resource for the horse that is too aggressive in a conventional ring or Dee snaffle.  It is a training alternative to lighten up an aggressive older horse and help the younger horse maintain a light feel.  It should be alternated with a conventional snaffle.  Adjust one wrinkle for maximum effect.  
3" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Special Order Only

CC Price:  $79.99
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CC Price:  $122.99
Compare at:  $136.20
CC Price:  $93.99
Compare at:  $100.00

Item#: Bits-710

Item#: Bits-SP711

Item#: Bits-721


Jim Warner
Rope Nose Hackamore

Rope nose for more control.  7" Cheeks

Jim Warner Long Shank
Rope Nose Hackamore

Rope nose and longer shanks for the added control needed for colts or serious competition. 
9" Cheeks

Jim Warner Chain Nose Hackamore
Chain conforms to the nose for good rate and better flex.  Vet wrap can be added to control severity. 
7" Cheeks

Special Order Only


CC Price:  $108.99
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CC Price:  $119.99
Compare at:  $148.00
CC Price:  $94.99
Compare at:  $116.00

Item#: Bits-935

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Item#: - Bits-936


Hodges Futurity " 3-Piece Twisted Wire Dog Bone Snaffle Hackamore
Designed with more lift for horses that are getting down in their shoulders while maintaining good control.  This bit will also give your horse all the flex he needs to turn.  The dog-bone mouth adds "bite" to this bit to better control horses that need more "rate".  
6" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

CC Price:  $119.99
Compare at:  $148.00

Item#: Bits-945


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