Try Something New...

 One of my areas of weakness is selection of bits for my horses. Not that I don’t know or understand bits: It’s that if I see something new, I have to try it out! At the tender age of 17, I was caught getting paid for training a horse. This put me in a professional category, (lost my amateur status), at too young an age. Never to be daunted, I just tried harder. To try harder, I would try the latest in tools, techniques, and tips with old school principles. Training takes time in the saddle and time on the ground, as well as guts enough to forget fear when the untried comes along. By the time we see some new product, someone has done a lot of testing.

I like bits so much, that I would venture into “Lowes’ Tack Shop” at the largest TWH shows every time! They knew that when I came in, if they had any kind of weird mouth contraption, I was susceptible to becoming a donation to their cause! When I first opened my store, I made a determination that I would have every kind of training device that a trainer would need in stock and ready to go. I almost went broke. Turnover was terrible because people were afraid to try new things.

I learned two valuable lessons. First, ask the customers what they want, rather than stocking what I want. Second, make an incentive to allow others to experiment. Then they can truly have their best opportunity. 

Cultured Cowboy began a bit policy to encourage innovation and trial. If you want to try a bit, you can. Many of these bits are somewhat pricey. We discount the price to make it reasonable for you. Then we offer this policy:

Try any bit. If it does not work, you can return it for trade toward another. We must have the tag returned with the bit. You will pay the S&H back to us. If the bit is clean and resalable, (we can re-blue, but not take out tooth marks), we will only charge a trial charge of 20% of the cost of the bit.

What this means to you is that you can try something different to spice up your contact, without losing your shirt. I have spent hundreds of dollars to wind up on a nail in the barn. You can save your precious space, and lunch money, by recycling to us, what does not properly affect your horse to us. 

Go ahead and order your bit. If it costs $30.00, and if you decide not to keep it, You can trade it in for a $24.00 credit toward any other training device, (or anything else from our store). 

I wish I had such opportunity in the 70’s. I might have invested the difference in Microsoft stocks. I might have not worried about the price of necessities. I might have been basking in the Bahamas rather than in Greenwood, SC. Truth is. I probably would have just bought another horse! 

Oh well, the point is: Order what you want to try. It is better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.                                    C Taylor, Jr.

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