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On this page lies the links to some of the best leather boots in the world. And, at Cultured Cowboy prices that are almost unbelievable. How can such a boot be sold at 1980's prices? I guess Wally World isn't the only one rolling back prices!


Polanil Western Boots
Yeah, I asked what was a Polani(l) too. It's a good grade of seasoned cowhide. The leathers are made to oil and endure! Not too shiny. This series comes with Goodyear welting and a Neolite sole. Looks like leather but is really a tire rubber compound that takes a rough time in stride. Smooth finished so you can dance, but wears a lot longer, which makes this a great choice to wear to school, where they broom finish all that cement. This boot easily compares to other brands that cost 1.5X this value price.  Yes, you can get it re-soled. 

The Jama narrow round toe is not as sharp as a J toe in most brands. It would more compare to the R toe, or medium round of many brands.
#OW2010 #OW2030 #OW2051


For some of us, there is nothing more comfortable than a real leather boot sole. It just doesn't seem as "hot" when you wear it. The cork used in the midsole better allows your insole to take the shape of your natural foot. 
#5210 #5217 #5229
#5230 #5232 #5234 #5320
#5330 #5333

Lacer Work Boots
A great basic work lacer lacer boot at a bargain price.

#7511M #7551M

Roper Work Boots
If you need a pull on work boot that can take the grade, and not cost an arm...

#7411M #7451M #7453

Men's Cowboy Work Boots
Commonly called "trucker boots", these western boots are leather on the tops with a work sole that compares to 40,000 mile belted radials. Good slip and abrasion resistance.

#TBM 3010 #TBM 3013 #TBM 3018 #TBM 3051

Men's Rancher Boots
Rancher boots are typically a little better made roper boot. Both round and square toes are available.

#2651M #SQM 2653 #SQC 1829 SQC 1852

Men's Broad Square Toe Boots
Here are some of those new broad toed cowboy boots that your friends have been wearing. Pull holes for us to help yank 'em on. Hope there's a wife handy for you to help get 'em off!

These three have a rubber bottom for traction and durability.
#BSM 1810 #BSM 1836 #BSM 1853
These three have a leather bottom for comfort and style.
#BSM 1829 #BSM 1832 #BSM 1835

Men's Narrow Square Toe Boots
For anybody who wants a fashion, or retro look for men, these western boots have just the right looks. Not needle toed, but enough point to make it easy to catch that stirrup.

#MF 1510 #MF 1529 #MF1531 #MF 1554

Deertan Crepe Sole Western Boots
Cowboy boots with a soft touch. I hear these started with cattlemen in the central USA. But, they have definitely crossed from sea to shining sea.

#1611M #1612M #1613M #1614M
#1620M #1630M #1651M #1652M
#1653M #1654M #1655M

Men's Comfort Wear Western Boots
A new High-Tech design that allows easy performance movement for your foot. 

#MW2430 #MW2432 #MW2434

Men's Ultra Flex Western Boots
Years ago, Texas Boot Co. started a revolution in an easy to flex, cushioned boot that felt light and moved like an old friend. This technology has been revived for you.

#5410 #5430 #5434 #5441

Men's Roper Boots
Aslo know as Wellington boots, or sometimes as parade boots, or patrol boots. All the dark colors can be polished to a high shine. Or, oiled for a semigloss finish.

#SRM4010 #SRM4013 #SRM4017 #SRM4051
#MR4210 #MR4229 #MR4254

Men's Buckaroo Boots
Taller tops and deeper dips for a real "Old West" appeal. When you see the construction of these boots, you will wonder why some of the others cost so much! I wonder how we can sell these for so little. 

#BS 2310 #BS 2316 #BS 2351 #BS 2352
#BS 2318 #BL 2310 #BL 2316 #BL 2318
#BL 2351 #BL 2352

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