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Tony Lama Kid's TLX Boots
Tony Lama makes your child's boot tough enough to play in the dirt. 

Innovative. Durable rubber outsoles, and mesh covered open-cell foam insoles make Tony Lama kid's TLX Western workboots easy on your child's feet as they grow, with developing bones that need room to expand and flex. Protection and comfort in the stirrup, and on the ground. Stirrup friendly performance rubber outsoles are durable, flexible and oil-resistant. 

About 5 years ago, it became accepted for children to wear workboots as casual kids footwear. yep, to church, to school, and to the barns. (They just followed Daddy's footsteps.) Just clean them off and go another round! built for performance as well as made with comfort.

Tony Lama boots have used their same lasting systems for a hundred years. If you have worn TL boots before, get your usual sizing. If not, call Cultured Cowboy and we'll walk you through the sizing process, but generally, go 1/2 size smaller than most dress shoe sizes.

Your Tony Lama kid's boot should feel like a comfortable handshake on the front of your foot. Boots slip on your heels. They are designed to! They will not rub blisters as they do, because they are designed with a heel counter that allows slippage. The slipping pumps air around your feet for more comfort. The top, including the instep area will keep the slip on Western boot on your foot while you run around town. (I know Momma told you never to get a shoe that slipped. That's because in a shoe, the top of the heel must cup your cuneiform bone. Western boots, with their special design developed over centuries, are made more forgiving & more comfy than department store shoes!)

Use Leather Balm to condition, and a matching color cream polish to renew color. Mink oil, or Sno Seal the leathers right before you go into a lot of manure, or mud. If they get really covered in muck, you can just squirt them off with a water hose before you tote "all that" into your house.  If wet, allow them to dry at room temperature, then just add another coat of conditioner.

Tony Lama TLX Western Work Boots - Kid's Western Work Boots


Tony Lama Kids TLX Boots

Kid's Western Work Boot
8" top
Kid's Western Work Boot
8" top
Kid's Western Work Boot
8" top

Tony Lama TLX Western Work Boots - Youth Western Work Boots - Boy's boots and Girl's boots that can make a difference in the health of your child's feet

Youth Western Work Boot
8" top


Youth Western Work Boot
8" top
Youth Western Work Boot
8" top

Tony Lama Kids Western Boots

Consider this high quality footwear for all of your children. Especially during the growing years, the bones of your feet will form only as well as you allow. Lack of arch support, cramming a growing foot in an outgrown shoe or boot - either problem can deform foot bones permanently. I know they might not wear these Tony Lama kids boots out before they outgrow them. Just pass 'em down to another youngin! Proper foot care when young will pay tremendous dividends in all their years to come. Cheap made shoes create all sorts of problems years from now. And soft bottom tennis shoes, designed for active sports, were never made to wear all day. 

Although the bottoms of today's Tony Lama boots are much more comfortable than 25 years ago, they still have proper arch support, ankle support, toe room, and all the guts that make a real "using" cowboy boot.

In fitting your children, we fit the arch of the boot. The leather in the arch area is tested by pinching a little leather in the instep area. You should be able to get a little, but not a whole handful of roll in that leather. We try to have the widest part of a child's foot in the widest part of the boot. The heel will slip some as the boot needs to be broken in through wear. Bootmakers almost always have plenty of room in the toe. Often, if the toe is jammed into the front of the boot, the arch area is too loose. On a narrow foot, this can be helped by adding an insole inside the boot. The insole can be removed as the child's foot grows. The boot should have a little "plop" sound as the child pulls it on. Let your child run around on carpet and just see if he/she can get around OK. If too big, the child will be tripping, or run out of the boots. If too small, they will be hard to pull on, and the child will not want to wear them. Smashing the toe box of a boot does very little for determining the right size. In fact, it can damage the boot. Feel for the arch area.

Rojo Bridle

Tan Crazy Horse

Sorrel Bridle

Rojo Bridle

Beige Mustang

Tan Timmarron

Scarlet Baron Calf

Cotton Candy Baron Calf

Sorrel Bridle

Beige Renegade

Rojo Bridle

Rust Bridle

Dark Tan Sequoia

Beige Mustang

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