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Tony Lama 100% Vaquero Series Boots

Tony Lama Vaquero Boots

For people who demand a lot for their boot buying dollar, the Tony Lama Value Line is a top choice.  These boots are exceptionally durable and stylish, with all leather uppers.  And like all Tony Lama boots, they're crafted by hand. This is not a cheap boot with a designer name...This is your usin' it, wearin' it,  lovin' it, Western boot. In fact, it's such a good line that Tony Lama Boot Co. decided to give it a label of it's own: 100% Vaquero Western.

Tony Lama Vaquero Boots offer a choice of genuine leather outsoles, or performance rubber outsoles. The 100% Vaquero series is ideal for those who need a comfortable boot with maximum functionality. Combining cushion comfort footbeds, flexibility and maximum moisture wicking ability, these boots are a great choice to a value conscious boot fan!

OK, with all that marketing jumbo said, these Tony Lama boots offer comfort at a price that most of us can afford. For your money, Tony Lama Boot Company has included all they can to make you a life-long boot wearer, at a value price. TL was smart to include both traditional Western Boots and Roper Boots in this Vaquero Collection.  Enjoy!   - CC

*Tony Lama is currently Adjusting their Vaquero Line, Please called for sizing availability *

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