Choose from any of these event figures,, when making your customized Crumrine Western Trophy Buckle. 

Select your favorite rodeo event, or show figure and we can have it placed on your choice of size in CrumrineSilver buckles. These can be used on all buckles that are marked "event". The price includes your choice of these figures as a centerpiece. Custom brands and center pieces are also available, using your artwork. Call for pricing. Buckles large enough may have more than one event figure. 

Buckles with "ribbons" can also be deep enamel engraved with your custom name, event, date, or animal. Let us know which lettering you want on which ribbon. Ribbons are numbered from the top downward. (Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, etc.)  Choose enamel colors from black, red, blue, green and turquoise. Due to production set up costs, Crumrine charges a lettering charge of $1.50 per letter with a $35.00  minimum, per product engraved. Know that the process used to engrave your trophy buckles is done in the manufacture of the product. It is best to have all lettering done at the same time the belt buckles are being made. It is not advisable to have your buckles engraved at a later date. The "aftermarket" engraving will loosen the final protective coats and create problems with tarnishing in some spots and not in others.   

Synthetic stones may be added into any buckle for a $16.00 setting charge per stone. Choose from Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, White Zirconia, Light Blue Zircon, Emerald Green. For precious or semi precious stones, call for a quote. 

Crumrine cowboy buckles are made using a high quality silver overlay process, and jeweler's bronze. If you prefer gold, rather than the bronze, call us for current market pricing , as it does fluctuate with the commodities markets. For a buckle to wear, the bronze looks like gold, and is more durable. Remember Gold is a soft metal! So is silver. Your western buckles have the silver overlayed onto steel or hardened brass to strengthen it for many years of wear. 

To clean your buckle, just use a soft polishing cloth and water. Your buckle is highly polished and with an occasional wiping, will remain bright. Using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleansers will scratch through the surface of your jewelry. Do not use abrasives, cleaning machines, etc. Should the need for a rebuild ever arise. Crumrine Jewelers will be glad to discuss this with you. Crumrine Buckles are warranted for a lifetime against manufacturing defects, but not against normal or abnormal wear and tear. 

EVENT PAGE 5 - Hispanic Favorites
In the interest of testing which way you prefer, we placed all of them on one page (2 pics), rather than individual pictures.  

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