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These buckles are examples of the finest craftsmanship in America. Sterling silver, steel, jeweler's bronze and gold are used in unique patterns to allow  Western tradition to meet the expectations of fashion. Crumrine buckles have supplied Championship Wrestling federations and  outdoor arenas, (too numerous to count), with quality hand engraved silver buckles, made to last for generations. Handcrafted and hand carved using old world traditions, and modern technologies; if ever your buckle needs reconditioning, Crumrine will repair or resurface, as needed. There is a small charge for normal wear and tear, but what other jeweler would attempt to say these will be with you as long as you decide! Most companies haven't the quality in materials or workmanship, to make such a claim.  Feel proud by giving a gift of a Crumrine Buckle to someone you love.

If you understood the time, the casting, the overlay processes, watched silver carvings, and knew the carat weight of material used in each buckle, you would be amazed at how this Western Jewelry can be delivered for such a reasonable price. A cowboy buckle is quite a bargain when you compare it to the price of an average ring on your finger!  - enjoy!

If you want to know more about custom belt buckles, or trophy buckles, click EVENT FIGURES .  At the top of the page is all the explanations of lettering, event figures, etc.  

The measurements of the buckles (in inches) are listed with each buckle. The pictures are not actual size. For most, you can click on the picture for a larger view. 

Western Dress Buckles - Initial Buckles & Name Buckles

Most of these buckles will fit any belt up to 1.5 inches wide at the billet ends. But, any buckle under 3 inches tall will usually work better on Ranger Belts, or belts with a 1 inch or smaller billet end. Get a couple choices, and make your wardrobe appear totally different. Crumrine buckles make great gifts, and collector's buckles. 
Replace the last "-A" of the style number with your choice of Initial. Also, remember that any buckle that is made to interchange events can have your initial as that event. 
Name buckles can be your 3 Initials, or any name up to the number of letters shown on that buckle. 

And the debate goes on about whether to use first or last name, or initial. All are appropriate. Though, last initials are probably used in 2 of 3 cases. Seems we make more name buckles with first, or nicknames. "Ain't it Great" to have a choice!

4.25 x 3.25

4 x 3

4 x 3

3 x 2.25
Pick your stone's color

3 x 2.25

4.5 x 3

3 3/8  x 2 3/8

3 x 2.25
Crumrine Jewelers offer more personalized belt buckle styles than other companies.

4 x 3

4.5 x 3.25

Price of your Name buckle includes up to 8 letters. 
Cultured Cowboy's Best Selling Initial Buckle


4 x 3

Yes, your initial can be placed where the horsehead is located.
Fits 1.5 inch Belts

4.75 x 3 7/8

Yes, your initial can be placed where the Event Figure is located, on any Event Buckle.
4.75 x 3 7/8

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