Gel Pads and Seat Savers

Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel

Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel is an exciting new patented gel material (U.S. Patent 5,252,373) that will enhance the comfort and performance of horse and rider.    This gel is a result of thirty years of experience by a leading sports medicine specialist researching and developing solutions to comfort and performance problems in the sports and rehabilitation fields.  Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel is a touch viscoelastic polymer that can't be pulled apart, isn't affected by pin sticks, and won't break, leak, dry up, or harden. 

The Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel filler is a non-toxic, non-aqueous, non-evaporating, flame retardant substance that is virtually indestructible and extremely therapeutic. 

How It Works

Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel generously cushions like a natural fat pad.  As the body forces pressure on the Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel Pad, the pressure is absorbed and redistributed over a greater surface area, thus reducing high pressure points.  This gel has the remarkable ability to diffuse shear forces and absorb shock and vibration.



#A20050 Ultra-Soft® Western Style Gel Saddle Pad

The popular 30"x32" western style gel saddle pad absorbs and disperses critical pressure points for the horse and protects the horse's back from bruising and soreness.  This pad works great as an underpad so you can place your favorite blanket on top. 

The cotton/poly quilted twill saddle pad cover comes with specially designed pockets that place the gel inserts at the critical points on the horse's anatomy.  Black. 

CC Price:  $119.99
Compare at:  $158.00


#A20052 Ultra-Soft® Southwestern Style Gel Saddle Blanket

The 32"x32" Southwestern style gel saddle blanket provides triple protection.   On the bottom is soft fleece with a felt liner for comfort, gel in the middle and a durable herculon top.  The. Ultra-Soft® Southwestern Style Gel Saddle Blanket weighs approximately fourteen pounds, but your horse won't mind since the Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel inserts protect the horse's back from bruising and soreness.  The durable top comes in Black and Brown. 

Ultra-Soft® Southwestern Style Gel Saddle Blankets come in various colorful patterns depending on availability.

CC Price: $139.99
Compare at: $180.00


#A20080 Ultra-Soft® Round Skirt Gel Saddle Blanket

The 30"x28"  round skirt gel saddle blanket is perfect for anyone with a round-skirted saddle.  The bottom has soft fleece for comfort.  Two Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel inserts protect the horse's back from bruising and soreness.  Call us on our toll-free number to get our latest color selection.

Pad pictured shows shape and gel position, colors available may vary. 
CC Price: $139.99
Compare at: $180.00


#A20032 Ultra-Soft® General Purpose Pad

The English style saddle pads are specially designed to handle the needs of the rider by absorbing shock from the movement of saddle and rider.  The pair of get inserts in the pad protect the horses back from bruising and soreness.  This improves your horses comfort and enhances its performance.  These pads come in Black and White and fit a wide range of saddles.

#A20030 Black

CC Price: $119.99
Compare at: $160.00


Ultra-Soft® Blue Gel Rider Comfort Pads

The pad reflects the latest in technology for seat savers.  The get inserts provide additional comfort and shock absorbency for the rider.  The English pad has web straps with Velcro closures and the Western pad has latigo string on front and back and a Velcro closure to enable easy attachment of the pad to the saddle.  Both pads come in your choice of Black or Brown smooth grain leather cover.

CC Price: $129.99
Compare at: $170.00
CC Price: $129.99
Compare at: $170.00

#A20110 Black Western
#A20112 Brown Western

#A20100 Black English
#A20102 Brown English



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