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CULTURED COWBOY produced its first rodeo in 1983.  With the input and guidance of as many cowboys as possible, we planned, began building an arena, and partnered with Treadway Rodeo Company.  The result was almost a decade of Professional Rodeos hosted by Cultured Cowboy and the community of Greenwood, SC. 

By 1990, we were helping other area producers and contractors as well as trying to operate a growing regional store.  In 1993, the decision was made to place our energy and talents into several annual rodeos in a larger geographical area rather than concentrating on just one annual event.  The sport of rodeo had grown so popular that larger committees, with the responsibility divided among members, were needed for success and as a store, we could better stay in touch with our cowboys and cowgirls throughout the year. 

We also began developing and renewing deeper friendships in the horse show arena, 4-H, FFA, NBHA, SC Team Penning Assoc., USTRC, NCHJA, and other groups.

Constantly being in touch with the competitors, sharing ideas, and helping to host clinics, allows Cultured Cowboy to serve you better.  Whether discussing the advantages of his newest rigging with Wayne Herman, or balance with Hawkeye, or attitude with Larry Mahan, or laughing with Tuff Hedeman, we always learn. (Yes, at one time these guys were World Champs. Yes, they got a little older and wiser, like us! ...Not has-beens, but been-throughs.)

We encourage good competition and good attitude.  Join your chapters of Christian Cowboys. Join your local and national breed organizations. Take advantage of every way of learning at your disposal. Share your ideas and discoveries with others.  

Any ride could be your last.  Wear and use the best equipment available to you for safety.  Take the time to sign those autographs and wave to the crowd, not in arrogance but in pride and respect for the spectators who make it all possible. 

A tip of our hat and a smile from Cultured Cowboy goes with you today and always.   God Bless you all.

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