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Australian Oilskin Dusters

In the USA, came a movie: "The Man From Snowy River".   That started the craze for oilskin dusters here.  The first ones we carried were really oil-skinned coats. The waterproofing got all over everything. We kept them in bags in the stores!  You see, these coats began as torn sails on ships that were sewn into protective clothing, and then using oil, tar, pitch, or whatever would keep the weather out of the ships was applied to the canvas fabric. The doubled shoulder was to give extra protection on your topside as that is where most water came over the sides of your vessel.

Australia, San Francisco, ports all over began to see these really useful waterproof coats. As popularity grew, coats were made from the canvas, and didn't even have to sail above in the winds first. Today, Microwax waterproofing (duckback dressing) is the norm. Just rub some on again every now and then to maintain the wax between the fibers of cotton to keep dry. I like to apply heat from a hair dryer, held a foot or so away, and watch the wax run into the fabric. Then apply another coating or good measure. (Probably overkill!) 

What has come to pass is that men and women have realized that the coat looks great on you. And is very functional in outdoor environments. And no longer stains "Aunt Mary's white parlor couch".  Bleeding is minimal. So they make a wonderful coat for kids too. Great to play in, And easy to repair if a tear does happen. 

    When the wind is blowing a drizzling rain around the countryside, you will have the protection you need.  The  layered shoulder cape billows softly as you ride, with a double protection against harsh weather.  Feel the fabric pull closely to your legs, yet, feel no rain in your boots.  The rain is rolling from the backside of your cantle, not into your fanny, because the saddle gusset is working to your advantage.  Whether hiking, camping, or riding, you'll feel like you own the wilderness in your rugged oilskin clothing!

#OUT-2056 Western Stockman Outback Duster

12 oz. Oilskin.  Waterproof.  Classic look and feel of the Outback.  Detachable cape to help prevent being snatched off by a limb (snaps will come loose). Adjustable draw string waist. New deeper, large fantail, reinforced rear saddle gusset keeps your seat dry. Plus: A Black Nubuck leather top collar. (Nubuck is a really soft, weather resistant leather used in many leather garments. The black collar will hide your body oils too.) Leg straps fasten so that the fabric stays down around your legs while riding at a fast pace.  Cargo pockets. Stand up collar with comfortable throat latch. Adjustable cuff tabs.  Inside elbow patches. Double needle stitching. Premium cotton protective liner.  This is a no nonsense working cowboy duster.  Available in Black, (color shown left below) or Brown (shown left).  Yes, there is the availability of a button-in #2008 wool liner for those really chilly times. And, this year, there is another popular color option - Field Tan (shown below right).

Black, Brown (Bronze) shown above, Field Tan
Compare at $270.00
2XS-XL  Only $259.99
2XL, 3XL  Only $274.99

   Field Tan shown left.  ( Only sizes Small remaining in Field Tan. )
      Field Tan color is good for ladies!  


Complementing 2008 liner shown just a little lower on this page.

OUT 2042
(black) The material is the same in 2042 and 2055. The cuts & features are slightly different.

#OUT-2042 Low Rider Economy Outback Duster - Improved 
12 oz. Oilskin. Waterproof. Feature packed lower priced duster with the most important basics you need in a weather tough coat. Detachable cape to help prevent being snatched off by a limb (snaps will come loose). Adjustable drawstring waist. -  Pull the corners back when you just need your backside covered. Dual entry (top and side) pockets. Saddle gusset keeps your seat dry. Leg straps fasten so that the fabric stays down while riding at a fast pace. Double snap fastening, overflap front to keep the weather out of your belly. The gusset keeps your hind end dry at a sports stadium as well as in the saddle!  Black (shown left) or Brown (color shown left above). 


XS-XL  ONLY $189.99
2X-3X  $194.99

Complementing 2008 liner shown just a little lower on this page.

#OUT-2008 High Collar Wool Liner
for Western Stockman Outback Duster  
Removable, (easy to button in attachment), 100% Australian wool liner has a high collar for those really chilly times. A removable liner works kinda like an underpad/blanket combo on your horse. It makes cleaning your coat a lot easier. It allows you to wear the coat for the coldest winter days and mild times too. It allows the coat to be versatile when it is 20 degrees at morning and 65 degrees at lunch. 

We have sent this combination of Stockman coat and liner to a lot of people. People love it because it makes the coat perfect for year round wearing! One lady bought hers and had to call back to get one for everyone else in her family. 

Color:  Natural
Compare at $114.00
XS-XL  Only $94.99
2XL, 3XL  Only $99.99



#OUT-2008 High Collar Wool Liner works with Newest 2056 Duster, 2042 Duster, and 5008 Saddle Jacket.

Oilskin Pack-A-Roo Parka

#OUT-2101 Oilskin Pack a Roo Parka
Packable Oilskin Parka. 5 oz. Oilskin. Waterproof. Taffeta lining. Snap over storm placket protects 2-way zipper. Adjustable drawstring hood rolls into the collar. Adjustable drawstring waist & adjustable cuffs. Snap open back vents. Covered zippered side pockets. Stores in its own built in backpack.  
Bronze, English Green (shown left).

Discontinued at this time.

Compared at $120.99
XS-XL  Only $96.99
2XL  Only $101.99
Compare at: $100.00


Stores in its own built in backpack. 

Pack-A-Roo Packables

#OUT-2406 Packable Duster

These "Packables" are made from RipStop Nylon with DWR finish. Sealed Seams.

This means a tough material that will wear well and remain waterproof.

#OUT-2406 Packable Duster
You will love the convenience of this duster. It rolls into a built-in backpack. Just unzip and shake it out when that unexpected shower occurs. Great for those day rides or city streets, when the weather is unpredictable.
Black, Gold, Navy, Red, Olive.
XS-XL  Only $115.99
2XL-3Xl  Only $121.99
Compare at: $132.00

#OUT-2405 Packable Parka
Black, Gold, Navy, Red, Taupe (shown right), Olive.
XS-XL  Only $96.99
2XL-3Xl  Only $101.99
Compare at: $110.00

#OUT-2409 Packable Rainpant
Black, Gold, Navy, Red,
Taupe (shown right), Olive.
XS-XL  Only $61.99
2XL  Only $68.99
Compare at: $70.00

Sometimes, we prefer a separate pant suit rather than a long coat. Or, wear the ripstop rainpants with your long duster for even more protection.

#OUT-2405 Packable Parka
#OUT-2409 Packable Rainpant

More Packables on Outback Coats pg2

#OUT-2101 Oilskin Poncho - 
  5 oz. Oilskin. Waterproof. One Size. 

Year round protection from the rain. This poncho can fit over you and the saddle seat to keep that water from running underneath. Also a great gift for spectating football, rodeo or any other outside stadium sport. Blocks wind in chilly weather.

Now Only $134.99
Compare at: $143.00

#OUT-2602 Kangaroo Outback Duster

We can't leave the kids in the cold! 10 oz. oilskin waterproof child-sized version of the original oilskin duster. Even if the bus is late, you won't have to worry if your child is catching cold. Cape for extra weather protection on the shoulders, and rear gusset for easy sitting. 

Black, Brown (Bronze)

Kids XS-XL  Only $139.99
Compare at: $150.00


#OUT-5008 Saddle Jacket

12 oz. Oilskin.   Waterproof.  Full-featured riding jacket with detachable cape, drawstring waist and dual entry pockets.  Cultured Cowboy recommends this jacket for work or rough situations.  This coat is sewn and reinforced better than any economy version.  Rear center saddle gusset. Snap & Flap cuff adjustment. Cotton half lining with taffeta lined sleeves.  Available in Black (shown left) or Brown (shown right). 

XS-XL  ONLY $199.99
2X, 3XL  $209.99
Compare at: $190.00

Complementing 2008 liner shown just a little higher on this page.


Same look:   Bush Ranger Jacket  
XS-XL  ONLY $179.99
2X, 3XL  $189.99

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#OUT-2149 Trailblazer

This coat is a fantastic pick for breaking the chill off of a cool morning, keeping the dew off your back without any restrictions.  10 oz. Cracked Wax.   Waterproof.  Western-styled bomber with Nubuck leather trim collar and piped western yokes.   Front flap pockets.  Jean-jacket waistband with elastic side inserts.
Available in Bronze with Black Nubuck top collar (shown). 

SM-XL  ONLY $249.99
2XL -3XL $259.99
Compare at: $280.00

#OUT-2707 Pathfinder

12 oz. Oilskin.  Waterproof.  Hard-working corral coat with Nubuck leather trim collar and piped western yokes.  Draw cord.  Torso hand warmer pockets.  Cargo and side-entry pockets.  Warm lining.  Rear side vents.  Available in Bronze with Black Nubuck top collar (shown).

SM-XL  ONLY $259.99!
2XL-3XL  $269.99
Compare at: $270.00

#OUT-2103 Ladies Roundup Jacket -  Outback has an updated styling, similar to the popular Pathfinder, but with a beginning torso made more for a ladies figure. 
Hand Warmer pockets. 2 way zipper front, with storm flap. Adjustable drawcord waistband. Snap adjustable cuff on sleeves. Duel entry hip pockets. Piped yokes. Snap riding gusset. Concealment pocket inside. Taffeta lined sleeves & area below waist.  8oz Marshal cloth Oilskin. 

Available in Bronze. Picture of model shows color after wearing a few months. Will come fully conditioned as shown in right pic.    

Discontinued at this time.

Sm, Med, Lg, XL 2XL   ONLY $154.99!
Compare at: $174.00

2X -  $164.99

#OUT-2100 Swagman

8 oz. Oilskin, Waterproof. This favorite Outback design is a natural choice for ladies and gents. Concealed hood and inside drawstring waist enhance style and performance. Cape double-protects shoulders and chest, elasticized storm cuffs seal out wind and cold. Snap over storm placket covers 2-way zipper closure. Perennial best seller perfectly suited to town and country wear. Cotton lining with taffeta in sleeves. Available in Black, Bronze, and a few Spruce (Forest) remaining.

XXS - XL Only $229.99
2X - 3X $239.99
Compare at: $240.00

Some times you need a little more leg protection!

#OUT-2099 Oilskin Chaps
8 oz. Oilskin, Waterproof. Secure openings allow ample clearance over your boots. Adjustable belt straps.  Fit inseams from 29 inches to 35 inches.  Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XL.  Brown or English Green.
Only $129.99
Compare at: $150.00

#OUT-2096 Oilskin Overpants
12 oz. Oilskin, Waterproof. Expandable gusset leg openings for easy on-n-off. Side button waistband with elastic in the back. Pant pocket access. 
Sized SM, Med with 33 inch inseam.
LG, XL, 2XL with 35 inch inseam. Brown.
Only $99.99
Compare at: $110.00


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Duck Back Dressing

An occasional application of DuckBack Dressing will prolong the appearance and performance of Outback's Oilskin and Cracked Wax garments.  This is the dressing used to waterproof the cotton fabric of the coats.  Rub a dab of it into the fabric with a circular motion in several light coats. (tip: You can lightly, light heat, blow dry the Duckback into the fibers by using a hair dryer at a SAFE distance from the fabric; and just watch it melt into the seams! Warning: Too close and you'll damage everything. Just hold it the same distance as would not burn the back of your hand.)

Only $14.99!


   Please be sure to specify your size when ordering!

Outback Coat and Jacket Size Chart

OTC Size Standard Ladies Standard Men
XXS 4 -
XS 6 34
S 8/10 36/38
M 12/14 40/42
L 16/18 44/46
XL - 48
2X - 50
3X - 52

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