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Good looks, nice styling and fantastic function too!
Model CJ-3032 Trail Saddle

Men's & Lady Trail Saddle

Anything but basic. The details within the tooling patterns, the stylish "rounded" skirt, 
and brass trim make this comfortable saddle, quite a "looker".

Cultured Cowboy bumped into an experienced saddler who just needed more reach for his discount saddle business. His expertise is putting great styling, modern looks and function, on affordable saddles.  These are not the "cheapest saddles", they are affordable saddles.  Take advantage of quality "European Leathers" with Eastern lower wages.  Our expertise is in putting you as a rider, with the best value for the money you decide to invest!  These saddles are modeled after saddles costing 2X to 2.5X these bargain saddle prices. 

We've struck a deal to offer you a good selection of horse saddles, made just for the you as a beginning but discriminating rider. Not everyone is ready for a $2000.00+ saddle. Even those who ride a $2000.00+ have a need for a spare, or a child, or something to resell with a sale horse. Cultured Cowboy will always offer you a nice saddle at your "right price".


What constitutes a trail saddle?
   Today, there's a huge return to enjoying horses. Many people who rode as a child, or a teen, or helping on grandpa's farm, are returning to their dream of "horsing"! Tucker saddles popularized a "look" that we all now call trail saddles. And most all makers have followed with similar styling. Closer contact, lighter weights than ropers, deeper front ends with more shallow rear ends of skirts, or butterfly cutaways. Comfy seats, and often brass hardware. Quality leather and hardware, is important when riding rougher terrain & through creeks. The materials have to withstand natural elements and horse sweat.

A trail saddle has to be tough, but not on your butt! Not on your horse! Trails place unique pressures on your horse's back, shoulders, girth, and legs. A lot more movement needs to be accounted for in the design of the saddle. - Lightweight does not mean better! Reasonable weights have been met by proper design elements, without risking your horse's safety, comfort, or health. 

Here's one of the best economy saddle values in America.  A trail saddle, that happens to be a great pleasure saddle, that happens to come in several sizes for your family.  This Circle J Saddlery, (knock off of a Tucker Saddle best selling trail saddle) Trail saddle is anything but basic. The details within the tooling patterns, the stylish "rounded" skirt, and brass trim make this comfortable saddle, quite a "looker".  

Fenders & stirrup leathers allow freedom of movement. Less stress on knees & ankles when properly conditioned. Stirrup leather placement is just forward of your seat center, and with just enough pommel, easier stance happens during those special scenic moments!

Shown Chocolate, let us condition this selection before you get it delivered! Our conditioning process brings forth some depths in the dye, as well as more importantly, letting the suppleness of grain out leather to come forth. Less stress on knees, ankles and hips.  

Made to fit most inseam measurements. It's a handcrafted design that appears handmade.  Built on Quarterhorse bars, to fit 80% of Western horses that are ridden today. The pommel clearance allows use with gaited horses too. Just use the right protective saddle pad combination! (Betcha can't guess where ya can get that!)  

Whether you prefer wide open spaces, or tight hairpin turns, this trail saddle will allow closer contact  and feelings of really being close to nature. 

If you have a riding school, horseback riding training station, or hack horses, this model and other Circle J Saddle models are reasonable alternative choices to more expensive brands. We do offer multiple saddle discounts on 6 or more models. (Yep, a little reasonable discount price on 3's too.) 

The skirting leather is substantial to support your sport. There is no pressed paper product in the skirts. The tree is really a better quality tree. Seat padding is designed for saddle seating comfort. Stirrup leathers are not stretchy. Border tooling pattern is easy to clean. Choose leather or nylon girth tie straps.  (Leather is standard for this Circle J saddle.)

Would you like to get a new saddle that feels like it's used? We'll heavy oil any saddle for you. We prefer to begin with Lexol Conditioner.  Lexol will darken less than other conditioners.  It's PH-Balanced for the leather used in your saddle. We've been using lanolin based Lexol on our personal saddles for over 45 years. Add $140.00 for applying about three liters of Lexol over some several hours of application on saddles. Lexol is best applied in many thin layers. To darken slightly, and finish the process with a delightful finish, we'll hand rub extra virgin olive oil till that white looking lanolin is forced back into the leather.  The choice is yours! If you choose this option, your saddle will then come out of the box ready to ride in comfort! No sore knees nor ankles! (Any sanded areas will become darker as they absorb these natural oils.)

Circle J Trail Saddle CJ-3032 

  • TREE: Hide Covered Wood CJ-Tuckr Trail Tree. Full-Quarterhorse Bars - 5 year warranty.
  • GULLETwidth - 7"    height - 5"
  • HORN: 3.0" high x 2.75" cap Leather Covered.
  • CANTLE: 4" Standing Cantle w/ Leather Cap. 
  • SEAT: Padded Top Grain. Choice of 13",14", 15", 16", 17".
  • SKIRTS: 26.5 inch skirts with Laced Brass Flank Ring.
  • RIGGING: In-Skirt Stainless Three-Way -  Full to 7/8 to 3/4 Position.
  • FLANK: Sold Separately.
  • STIRRUP LEATHERS: 3" with stainless steel blevins type buckles. 
  • STIRRUPS: Leather Covered Bell Trail. 
  • FINISH: Border Tooled.
  • COLOR: Dark Oil. 
  • WEIGHT: Approx 34 lbs. (15inch)
Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

13", 14", 15",16"


17" $1350.00 $1195.99
Price does include Shipping in the Continental USA. 

 This horn is a popular height and angle, good for holding horn bags, and forward leans. Horn Cap is tightly stitched.  Strong leathers for lots of riding support.

Even the stirrup hobble straps are made of better leather! 

Why all this fancy border tooling? 
It adds to the quality of your finished saddle.

     Border tooling patterns protect the leather against excessive edge curling. Tooling will "pack" the leather for durability and strength. Tooling can provide an aesthetic transition into your chosen pad. Tooling adds depth and beauty to the leather. Tooling will help prevent skirt corners from rolling. Tooling is just a little more effort to clean than a plain saddle.  Use an old toothbrush to get into the crevices!


Observations:  Butterfly Skirts cut away just rearward of girth ring attachment for closer leg contact.  3-Way plate rigging allows lots of girth positioning to best fit your horse.  Accurate holes in your stirrup leathers.  Seat padding is comfortable. Fleece bottom is fair for the price. Manufactured overseas, with European tanned leathers. Comes standard with leather girth tie strap & off billet. Or we'll exchange it for the highest quality nylon if you like a closer fit.

Laced Rear Skirts allow slight movement for the horse's comfort. it. And a convenient place to tie the bottom straps of your saddlebags.

Plenty of rings & strings for bringing your "extras" while you enjoy your ride. 

Girth Options:   Normally sized 28, 30, 32, 34, 36.  Cultured Cowboy offers a high quality handmade Mohair cinch for only $89.99 (Either straight or wide roper style.).  A high quality Mohair blend cinch for only $49.99 (Either straight or wide roper style.). A TackyTack type non-slip vented straight Neoprene at $44.99 (Moore EZ Pull Buckle).  Or, A great non-slip reinforced Neoprene shaped trail/gymkhana girth with elastic end at $59.99 (Moore EZ Pull Buckle).  We believe in offering you variety!  .

Basic Styles shown are usually in stock and everyday low priced as shown. We even beat the auction prices. However, there are too many options to Advertise every possible Low, Low Price on every combination! 

Our policy is to provide the lowest price possible, while maintaining enough profit to service your needs properly.  Our pricing is very fair, but we must eat a bean, or two, to enjoy helping you to select the “right” saddle for your needs.   We'll deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone because we know more about riding and fitting saddles than most! (No brag, just fact!)


We have this saddle in 15 inch in stock NOW.  16 Inch is on the way.  

Please e-mail your questions, requests, or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have found the call well worth their time!  ;-)    God Bless,  Chuck

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