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Three men in a pen...lots of coordination and timing between players really makes this sport one where each depends on each other. And you can make so many teams. And still have fun! The experience of hanging tight while your horse is darting hard and fast, is something that must be felt to appreciate. We first used ropers, cutters and barrel saddles around home. After a short time, we experimented with things that worked and did not work in our equipment. There is a lot of preference here, so we offer a lot of options on your team penning saddles.  

Circle G team penning saddles have a seat that will allow fast takeoffs, and let you stand tall to see the numbers. You can choose from an in-skirt close contact design, or a full double rig with front dee dropped to let you stay close to your steed.  Cultured  Cowboy may not physically ride with you, but we want to be on your team. 

From the time you hear, "Cultured Cowboy, how can I help you?", and even after you have been competing in our products for years, we are in your corner. We know there is more to a winning ride than the lightest possible saddle. We know you must have confidence in your gear, so that you can concentrate on the brief moments at hand. We know that we sell other brands of saddles to people who are not as serious. And we know Garroutte saddles, with their Circle G Brand will work with us, and you, to achieve all you aspire to be.

Many times we ask for pictures to help you with your ride. If you have them, we also ask for your videos, and would like to talk with your trainers, mentors, other team partners to really be a part of your success. Working together, your team can really have you riding your best. Then again, many pro riders know exactly what they need. 

Engineered to compete in the most compelling arenas, team penning saddles, are some of the most thought through Western saddles. The cantle height and angle, with it's ground seat is just right for your sport. Just like proper arches in your boots, proper structure of your wooden, hide covered tree will allow best comfort for you and your horse. Yes, CNC machines now cut out the parts of wooden trees. This is so the many pieces line up properly. But go to a lumber yard and look at all the differences in woods. Your penning - sorting saddle will use all that is right in all the right places.

How important is the leather used in your saddle? Bellies are cheap. Sides cost a little more. Backs, and shoulders, that are the prime cuts, cost only when you buy them. The benefits of movement and "snap-back" well outweigh the leathers that stretch too much, or tear fiber rather than give.  When you give a craftsman enough slack, he will make you the best. True artists give their all when they are given all they need. These Circle G Team Penners use the best wood, leathers and hardware. 

Tooling is planned and carved for each position on your saddle. Rather than a die cut piece of leather with big leather conchos to cover the gaps, each piece of leather is hand fitted and properly molded for a tasteful and useful marriage between parts. Heavy oiling is available on each saddle.

Garroutte Products will make Western saddles that are better than average. Better in quality, better in fit and better in performance. When you can easily spend $500.00 and all weekend time on gas, truck, trailer, motel, grounds fees, entry fees, etc., you deserve the best. 

Whether or not you have the experience of a professional, anybody can sit in one of these champion making penning saddles, and tell it was made to enjoy. The tree and the saddle make your run easier by placing emphasis on every part of your position. Coordinating your leg position along with the ground seat and rise is critical to aid you in your riding, rather than restricting you. 

Since leg position is important in practice pen and arena, we are going to ask you a few questions about your leg dimensions, sort of like fitting for chaps, so that length of leg as well as diameter of thigh are properly positioned. With seat sizes from 14 to 18 in half inch increments, fit can be exacting. 

You spend a good bit of time in your saddle, so you choose if you prefer a hard seat, or a padded seat. The standard tree in this saddle is a product chosen for style and purpose. Full Quarter Horse bars, with a 4 inch height cantle. Adjustments can be made. 

High quality choices of heavy duty synthetic fleece, and wool are offered. 

Your saddle can be shipped to you in a padded saddle bag by Big D Blanket company. This bag will help insure the proper finish of your investment for many years. 

No. GAR- 420245 Half Breed Team Penning Saddle  

All Circle G Saddles are hand made in the USA with the finest quality leather available. All are beautifully hand tooled with your choice of patterns.

Options: 4" Latigo lined flank set, Wool linings, Breast collar dees, Close contact, Choice of stirrups, Choice of stirrup lengths, Seat color, Seat leather, Roughout or smooth jockeys and fenders. Saddle strings. Choice of 3/4 or border tooling patterns: Basket, Basket & Oak, Snake, Barb Wire, Oak. Saddle Strings, Hard Seat. Corner plates, cantle plates, Rawhide braided horn, Rawhide laced cantle.


No. GAR- 420245 Team Penner Saddle Half Breed Basket Tooling. 

  • Tree: Full Quarterhorse bars - 5 Year Warranty. Penning/Sorting bullhide covered wooden tree
  • Seat: 14" - 18" (half sizes included) Hard Seat.  Suede or top grain  padded seat available.
  • Swell: 13"  Hand tooled.
  • Gullet: 7 inch width standard.
  • Horn: 4"  Leather covered or braided rawhide.
  • Cantle:  5" Cheyenne roll. 
  • Rigging: Stainless Steel Full Double or Dropped Dee In Skirt.
  • Stirrup Leathers:  3" with leather covered buckles.
  • Stirrups: 2" Rawhide covered laced pro-contest bell stirrups, or 3" Roper styles.
  • Finish:  Natural Oil or Chestnut or Heavy Oiled.
  • Weight:  Approximately 38 Pounds
  • Price Also Includes These Extras: Breast Collar dees, Silver as shown, 3/4 Basket hand tooling as shown, Cheyenne Cantle, 1 piece R/O hard seat. R/O Fender & Jockey cut to your length, 4" Latigo lined flank set.
No. GAR- 420245 Team Penning Saddle 
Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

14" - 16"


17"-18" Special Pricing $

Look at the detail in both the hand carvings of the leathers and in the engraving of the silver. Each saddle is made by an artist with many saddles of experience under their belt. Their pride rides on the saddle made just for you. 

When you begin with the best quality leathers, and professional craftsmen, you can finish with a look that can compete in your arena. 

Oh yes, there is Matching Tack!
Order your matching breast collar when you order your custom saddle. This way, the same artist will tool them together, and you will get the best match.

GAR- 420351 Heavy Duty Gymkhana Breast Collar.
Single tug straps.
( double tugs available)
Tell us to match the saddle.
Choose color.
Compare At:$339.00

Contours, and leathers chosen, allow your breast collar to do its function without interference to your run.  Wider Roper style breast collars available too. 

Did you know that your supporting tack is as important as your saddle? Having a breast collar that is sturdy enough for the job, yet will move with your horse can make a difference in safety or falling off.  Be sure your girth is properly fitting and always do a pre-flight check on all parts of reins, headstalls, bits, non-slip padding, leg protection,...everything, before your ride.

(Tooling detail of breast collars at left.) Remember, You choose your breast collar tooling pattern and color. (Basket, Oak, Basket & Oak, Basket / Barb Wire, to name a few)  Cultured Cowboy can match every saddle. More details on the Breast Collar page. 

Our Pricing:  

Our CC Prices are based on the saddle as shown and described.  Don't be shy about asking for options you need. 
For You, we will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, 1) we spend more time asking you, your trainers, instructors and judges, the questions needed, to get everything right for you.  2) we actually ride. 3) we study several disciplines and more than one breed, allowing us to cross over great ideas. 4) we have the experience of fitting hundreds of riders and their horses. 5) we respectfully ask the tree makers and the saddle makers to work with us as a team. Making you the winning rider that you deserve to be always takes a willing team.  These are a few reasons that we understand more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! 

Really, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.  There are options of colors, seats, sizes, and fitting. 
Thanks, & God Bless,   Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar headstall and reins with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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