Other brands we sell include TexTan, American, Fabtron, Saddle Barn, BT Crump, JT International, JPT, Cactus and Courts

Our CC Price:  Cultured Cowboy has everything from beginner saddles to professional saddles. Our saddle makers are among the world's best. We make really good saddles affordable to all horse people.

Some of our prices are too low to advertise.  When most people are saddle shopping on the web, they are trying to compare the exact same saddles and get their lowest price. We all know that! We almost all do it! 

If you are looking for low priced saddles, search the Used Saddle collection. This is where our quality begins. 

However, Cultured Cowboy can listen to your needs and make a more customized solution to your riding, and often for not much more than those base prices. Our aim is not to cut out all the nice options,  but to give them to you and let you choose.  No one will give you more value than Cultured Cowboy. Like the movie says, "No Brag...Just Fact."

After all, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.  Feel good about your next saddle...Call us.    Thanks, and God Bless, Chuck

Saddle Companies like BigHorn Saddles, who are more production oriented, will give faster delivery because they do not offer all the custom options on each saddle. They are also easier to price without all the options. It is a trade off. Many production saddles are exactly what you have been looking for! These saddles do have our pricing with each saddle.

 Please e-mail your requests or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”.

Shipping and Handling:   We get thousands of emails that ask for shipping, but have no address. We need your whole address to get the shipping charges for you. We want them as low as possible. 

 The other factors are size of package, and weight.  Rather than tie shipping and handling to a price, we use the same measures as UPS and USPS to base their charges for shipping & handling. 

Ways to help: Get a commercial or business address for delivery. This saves more than you think! You can often include other tack needs with no extra shipping charges when they are in the saddle box.    Thanks again ;-) 

Easy Email and Phone Ordering

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