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There are saddle pictures loading below as you read.   If you are searching for a saddle that is better than most, Garroutte has your product. 

Circle G Saddles are built tighter than most. They use a quality leather that will hold a deep tooling pattern in their leathers. The company understands what using saddles are supposed to be, and they make them to be really used. 

If you never heard of Circle G Saddles, they maintain a quality standard and a spirit that is as uniquely theirs as any American cowboy. 

For ranch saddles, and events associated with working ranches, Circle G Saddles by Garroutte Leather understand the needs and stresses of your events and lifestyle. This includes all those gymkhana events that working ranchers like to compete with, like poles and barrels too. 

Garroutte is a great company for semi-custom saddlery. They offer quality basic styles, with the availability of many options. Most saddles come with a suede seat for "sticking" to the saddle. Suede texture will give some hold to your seat. But, there are those riders that would prefer a top grain seat. This top grain is more resistant to weather. It also can totally change the appearance of the saddle. It also costs more than the suede leather. Add about $70.00 to change a suede seat to top grain. For Ostrich or other exotic leather seats, just call us for a current price. Brown and Black are the most popular top grain colors. Other top grain colors and skins are available (some at additional charges), according to the current fashion trends, and prices of the leather to the saddle maker. We have seen orders for some show saddles using full quill ostrich seats. This gives elegance, allows "stick" in a top grain seat and will definitely impress a judge! (No, you won't feel the quill marks through your jeans.) 

Jockeys and fenders or skirts can be ordered in either rough side out (the flesh side showing for grip and a rugged appearance), or smooth side out (smooth grain is easier to tool and clean). There is no extra charge for turning either smooth or rough side out. All saddles can be shipped with a one-piece seat and jockey. Again, either smooth or rough side out. This is as opposed to the traditional method of two pieces of leather sewn together to form the seat base, and then covered by a padded seat. Ranchers have long understood the benefits of a one-piece construction. For someone who spends long hours in the saddle, a "hard seat" is not so hard. Weight is distributed over a broader area and therefore is less likely to make the rider "saddle sore". The entire saddle block, (inside knees, thighs and seat distribute and carry your weight. It is easier to bear more pressure on the balls of your feet as well.), is used, which can lead to better balance in the saddle. Because a one-piece design must use an entire shoulder rather than two pieces of smaller side leather, add about $80.00 to the cost. In addition to being a larger piece of leather, the one-piece design is using a more expensive, prime cut of leather to enable it to be molded to shape without being weak or losing body over time. 

Flex trees are quite popular. Rather than using plastics, Circle G uses traditional hardwood trees that are made right. This means that they do have enough flex to be comfortable to your horse, but still rigid enough for the most strenuous endeavors. 

We have arranged to offer a choice of heavier fleece liners to the saddle skirting. Garroutte comes standard with a heavy duty synthetic skirting fleece.  This thicker fleece will allow more circulation for your horse's back. You can always opt for real sheepskin. Normally, sheepskin fleece is preferred by "old timers" and for dryer climates. Where weather is damp, the heavy synthetics can actually reduce bacteria and dry faster. Again, call us for the pricing, as it can vary with skirt size, and style of saddle. 

Saddle strings can be strung through the saddle tree. Stringing through the skirts and tree is a good way to bind your saddle together. It allows you the option of a fairly easy way to loosen the saddle parts for easier oiling access to deeper areas. Or, your saddle can be ordered with wood screw attached conchos. Dee ring clips can be added under the front and/or rear conchos to allow use of strings when preferred. For instance, when trail riding, those tie places are mighty handy, yet, in the roping pen, they can get in the way. So, the option of when you want them on is good. Garroutte uses quality polished german silver plate trim.  

Hoof pick holders are convenient, look kinda sharp, and add a mere $25.00 to $40.00 extra. Remember that many of these saddles include a flank strap (if you see one in the picture, it is included.). That is worth another $65.00 to $95.00 in most places you may search! Stirrups can be rawhide or leather covered. There are also the larger "overshoe stirrups" for today's wider sole boots. Any saddle can have a Cheyenne roll, laced cantle, or stand up cantle. 

Choose your color. Any saddle can be dyed to light natural oil, or chestnut.  Heavy oiled, or other colors can be made upon special request. Rough out areas will be left natural because the finish coat used on smooth leather, to even out color, would ruin the effect of the rough out finish by making it lay smooth like the back of a belt. Natural colored rough out allows the beauty of that leather to age with the saddle giving a more desired finish when oiled. A good quality saddle oil will deepen and enhance the finish, and with a medium stiff brush, the knap will raise up. 

Would you like to get a new saddle that feels like it is used? We will heavy oil any saddle for you. We prefer to use Lexol. Lexol will darken less than any other conditioner. It is PH-Balanced for the leather used in your saddle. We have been using Lexol on our personal saddles for over 30 years. Add $120.00 for about three liters of Lexol and some several hours of application. Lexol is best applied in many thin layers. To darken slightly, we will add extra virgin olive oil. To darken more, we will blend in some pure neatsfoot. The choice is yours! Your saddle will then come out of the box ready to ride in ultimate comfort!

Remember that a breast collar is a great addition to your saddle purchase. For a small investment, you can add an emergency measure that could prevent a saddle twisting under your horse, should a girth loosen without your knowledge. Any saddle can have breast collar dees added in the front of the skirts. If the saddle has enough area where the girth rigging ties, you can use the same ring for breast collar tug straps and girth tie strap. Still, sometimes you may want a higher positioning of those tug straps, or may want double straps for security. 

Tooling patterns protect the leather against abrasives. Tooling will "pack" the leather for durability and strength. Tooling can hide small "range" scars that are inherent to the leather before it is formed into a saddle part. Tooling adds depth and beauty to the leather. Tooling will help prevent corners from rolling. Tooling is just a little more effort to clean than a plain saddle. You can choose from 1) no tooling, 2) basket stamped corners and small trim only, 3) fully basket stamped, 4) border trims of basket, barbed wire, snake, or Southwest diamond design, 5) floral tooling, 6) oak leaf tooling, 7) waffle tooling, 8) spider tooling, 9)trophy tooling. The more elaborate the tooling design, the more value, the more time involved in production, and the more your investment will grow over time.

Have you ever had the experience of getting a new saddle to find the stirrups won't take up enough to fit, or let out enough to fit? No more...We like to get your real inseam, (and other measurements, like we were making your chaps), then assure the saddle will fit when it arrives. Hey, by the time we get through spoiling you, you'll always want to buy your saddles and tack from us! 

We strive to keep some of the basics in stock. They can be to you in a week or less. But, there is nothing like having a saddle semi-custom made for your horse and your body. Allow about 2 to 4 weeks for a tree to be made, if necessary, (many standard trees will fit your needs.). Then the saddler needs about 4 to 8 weeks to make your saddle. Leather is cut, wet, steamed, dried, fitted and pulled. It cannot be rolled off a bolt and processed like fabrics. This does take time to do right. Allow another 3 days to a week for UPS delivery. Overseas orders will usually go through UPS, or Airborne express, (depending on your best rate or most security). Any more time is because the saddler is catching up on previous saddles, or waiting on parts, or needs to take one night off for his wedding anniversary. 

Saddle makers are as excited about making your saddles as you are about riding! They would rather get it right, than rush it. We have chosen our saddle making partners because of their consistency in quality of product. Cultured Cowboy knows that most of our customers will be riding for many years to come. A short wait for a really good saddle is worth your "wait" in gold!

With the experience of thousands of saddles made for thousands of horse people, Cultured Cowboy looks forward to helping you with your needs. Tired legs, hurting knees, lower back pains, need grip, need freedom, need speed, need to impress your friends, need to impress your equine, need help, need a hug? Give us a call.

God Bless,
Cultured Cowboy

There are too many options to Advertise every Low Price Combination we offer on every possible option!  But you will find a good fair price next to each saddle.

   We will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone because we know more about riding and fitting saddles than most! (No brag, just fact!)


Because so many Circle G Saddles are customized for your needs with choices of smooth or suede seats, leather color, hoofpick holders, special trees, special length stirrup leather, etc., we do not use buy buttons on this part of the website.  We need to know about your riding styles to be best able to help you make a correct selection.

***  The Versatility Saddle below has extra pictures which are representative of the qualities of any of these saddles!

Please e-mail your requests or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have found the call well worth their time!  ;-)    God Bless,  Chuck

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Roping Saddle
Roping Saddle
Roping Saddle


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Roping Saddle


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Barrel Saddle


Barrel Saddle
Barrel Saddle
Barrel Saddle
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Cowboy Saddle
Cowboy Saddle
Wade Roper Saddle
Wade Roper Saddle
Wade Roper Saddle


Cutting Saddle
Cutting Saddle
Cutting Saddle
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Team Penning Saddle
Team Penning Saddle
Colt Breaking Saddle
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All Around Saddle



Let us know the build of your horse. This can help determine skirt sizes and tree widths.



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