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Circle G Brand Saddles

Circle G Brand show saddles are hand carved in an intricate small floral pattern and are offered complete with matching headstall and breast collar. Tooling is planned and carved around each piece of silver. Each piece of leather is hand fitted and properly molded for a tasteful and useful marriage between parts. 

The California Equitation saddle is available in 3/4 tooling as shown, and fully tooled. The silver package is especially chosen to match contours and to complement the hand carving in your leathers. Choose this model for better-than-entry level shows and for your best parades. You might could even use it for a few weddings! 

Experienced show ring riders can see all the advantages of owning and riding this series of show saddles. So can the judges! Butterfly skirts allow more show blanket to come out. They also allow good close contact with your horse. The show saddle series is built on a V.C. Equitation Pleasure tree. The ground seat and rise is proper to aid you in your riding, rather than giving an artificially staunch look. 

And don't think that this saddle is not built for strength and endurance. Unlike saddles which are made for a couple years of showing and then to be traded, your saddle is built on a wooden tree, selected woods, placed in positions according to their flexing and their rigid properties. Then bullhide covered to hold in moisture. The tree maker gives a 5 year warrantee, but this is the type of tree that lasted over 20 years in your grandfather's saddles. 

The standard tree in this saddle is Full Quarter Horse bars with a 3 1/2 inch height cantle, but with the specially formed seat, you achieve the riding support of higher cantles in lesser saddles. 

Leg position is important in the show arena. We are going to ask you a few questions about your leg dimensions, sort of like fitting for chaps, so that length of leg as well as diameter of thigh are properly positioned. With seat sizes from 14 to 16 in half inch increments, fit can be exacting. 

Rigging is shown as a dropped dee. You can choose this, or in skirt rigging. 

And you would not enter the competitive show ring with anything less than high quality wool lining on the skirts. 

Your saddle can be protected, and we prefer to ship to you, in a padded saddle bag by Big D Blanket company. (Of course, all of this is placed in a box too.) This bag will help insure the proper finish of your investment for many years. 

GAR-420251 California Equitation Saddle 3/4 Tooled Shown

Complete set of Highest quality German Silver on front jockey, rear jockey, front and back of skirt, on latigo carrier, cinch carrier, conchos, tips, and back mock billets.
Wool lining. Matching headstall and breast collar.

Silver package may vary depending on availability. 
It will always be great!

No. GAR-420251  Butterfly Contour California Equitation 

  • Tree: Full Quarterhorse bars - 5 Year Warranty. V.C. Equitation Pleasure bullhide covered wooden tree
  • Seat: 14" - 16" (half sizes included) Suede padded seat.
  • Swell: 13" Hand carved details, Highest quality German Silver Plated Trim.
  • Gullet: 7 inch width standard.
  • Horn: 2 1/2" Low Post, leather covered.
  • Cantle:  3.1/2" Tooled leather Cheyenne roll. Full German Silver cantle plate.
  • Rigging: Stainless Steel  In-Skirt or Dropped Dee.
  • Stirrup Leathers: 3" with leather covered buckles
  • Stirrups: 2" Bell, leather covered with matching tooling. Concho &Tip.
  • Finish:  Natural Oil or Chestnut.
  • Weight:  Approximately 38 Pounds
  • Close Contact Option
GAR-420251 California Equitation Saddle Package  3/4 Tooled

Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

 14", 14 1/2", 15",151/2", 16"


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13" & 17" Special Request $
GAR-420250 California Equitation Saddle Package  Fully Tooled
Seat Sizes Compare At: Our CC Price
 14", 14 1/2", 15",151/2", 16" $11,448.00 $8,929.99
13" & 17" Special Request $

Look at the detail in both the hand carvings of the leathers and in the engraving of the silver. Each saddle is made by an artist with many saddles of experience under their belt. Their pride rides on the saddle made just for you. 

When you begin with the best quality leathers, and professional craftsmen, you can finish with a look that can compete in your arena. 

Matching Headstall and Breast Collar.

Our Pricing:  

Our CC Prices are based on the saddle as shown and described.  Don't be shy about asking for options you need. 
For You, we will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, 1) we spend more time asking you, your trainers, instructors and judges, the questions needed, to get everything right for you.  2) we actually ride. 3) we study several disciplines and more than one breed, allowing us to cross over great ideas. 4) we have the experience of fitting hundreds of riders and their horses. 5) we respectfully ask the tree makers and the saddle makers to work with us as a team. Making you the winning rider that you deserve to be always takes a willing team.  These are a few reasons that we understand more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! 

Really, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.  There are options of colors, seats, sizes, and fitting. 
Thanks, & God Bless,   Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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