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Rico was the chief saddler for Dean Garroutte. Dean retired & Rico, with "Right Hand Lady - Chris Tyler, 
are carrying on your tradition.
Cultured Cowboy helps you with design for fit & function, then we hire the best
saddlers to handcraft your saddles!  


Circle G Versatility Ranch Horse Saddles
Circle G Brand Saddles

Circle G Brand Saddles are the sort of hand made saddles that you can pass on to your posterity. And since we never know quite what those kids may be doing, how about a really versatile saddle for all of you? Seems like once you start going in a direction, next thing you know is that your sons want to give it a try too. (Must be one of those competition things! Don't let on that you really like having them around as much as you really do. Or, you may never get to ride your own ranch saddle.) This series is engineered, and proven, to compete in the Versatility Ranch Horse Classics. And crafted to perform under strenuous circumstances, just as well as under light rides.

Tooling is planned and carved for each position on your saddle. Rather than a die cut piece of leather with oversized conchos to cover the gaps, each piece of leather is hand fitted and properly molded for a tasteful and useful marriage between parts. The GAR 420278 Versatility Ranch Horse Saddle has an easy to care for barbed wire border and  basket carving. Heavy oiled for endurance, and to look as tough as it really is!

Garroutte Products will make saddles that are better than average. Better in quality, better in fit and better in performance.  

Experienced trainers and judges can see all the advantages of owning and riding this series of performance saddles. Butterfly skirts allow you to put your legs just where you need them. They allow good close positioning with your horse. The Versatility saddle series is built on a V.C. bullhide covered wooden tree, made so you can take care of business. A post horn is used for roping. The ground seat and rise is proper to aid you in your riding, rather than restricting you, like lesser quality saddles often do. 

Built for strength and endurance, your saddle is built with selected woods, placed in positions according to their flexing and their rigid properties. The tree is then bullhide covered to hold in moisture and add life. The tree maker gives a 5 year warrantee, but this is the type of tree that usually lasts much longer. Using the best leather on top of all that foundation will keep your seat in the saddle till it's time to "go home for supper".

The standard tree in this saddle is Full Quarter Horse bars with a 3 1/2 inch height cantle, but with the specially formed seat, you achieve the riding support of higher cantles in lesser saddles. 3 1/2 inches of cantle will still allow you to lean back without feeling a bite in your lower back. 

Leg position is important in the show arena. We are going to ask you a few questions about your leg dimensions, sort of like fitting for chaps, so that length of leg as well as diameter of thigh are properly positioned. With seat sizes from 14 to 16 in half inch increments, fit can be exacting. 

Rigging is shown as a heavy duty dropped dee. Same in the rear. This is rigging strong enough for all kinds of ranch work. Ever heard of a 1 piece hardseat? We can offer that too. 

High quality choices of heavy duty synthetic fleece, and wool are offered. 

Your saddle can be shipped to you, in a padded saddle bag by Big D Blanket company. This bag will help insure the proper finish of your investment for many years. 

No. GAR-420278  

The Circle G Brand Versatility Ranch Horse Saddle is specially designed for the Versatility Ranch Horse competitor. A deep seat and close contact for reining and a post horn for roping.

Options: 4 " Latigo Lined Flank set, Wool linings, Close contact, Choice of stirrup lengths from child to adult XL, Suede or top grain seat color. Hardseat. Laced Cantle. 


No. GAR-420278 Versatility Ranch Saddle Barbed Wire & Basket Carved. 

  • Tree: Full Quarterhorse bars - 5 Year Warranty. V.C. Special Versatility bullhide covered wooden tree
  • Seat: 14" - 16" (half sizes included) Suede padded seat.
  • Swell: 13" Hand tooled.
  • Gullet: 7 inch width standard.
  • Horn: 3" Dally Post,
  • Cantle:  3.1/2" Tooled leather Cheyenne roll. 
  • Rigging: Stainless Steel Dropped Dee Full Double Rigged.
  • Stirrup Leathers: 3" with leather covered buckles
  • Stirrups: 3" leather covered tooled reiner stirrups.
  • Finish:  Heavy Oiled.
  • Weight:  Approximately 38 Pounds
  • Price Also Includes These Extras: Breast Collar dees, Scalloped skirt, Silver as shown, 3/4 Basket with Barb Wire Border as shown, Cheyenne Cantle, Top Grain seat. R/O Jockey / Smooth Fender cut to your length Latigo lined full flank set.
No. GAR-420278 Versatility Saddle 
Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

14", 14 1/2", 15",151/2", 16"



 17" & 18"

Special Request


Look at the detail in both the hand carvings of the leathers and in the engraving of the silver. Each saddle is made by an artist with many saddles of experience under their belt. Their pride rides on the saddle made just for you. 

When you begin with the best quality leathers, and professional craftsmen, you can finish with a look that can compete in your arena. 

Oh yes, there is Matching Tack!
Order your matching Breast Collar tooled with your saddle so the same artist matches them together. 

GAR- 420350 Heavy Duty Roping Breast Collar.
Single tug straps.
( double tugs available)
Tell us to match the saddle.
Choose color.
GAR-420350 RBCollar 
Compare At:$209.00
Did you know that your supporting tack is as important as your saddle? Having a breast collar that is sturdy enough for the job, yet will move with your horse can make a difference in safety or falling off.  Be sure your girth is properly fitting and always do a pre-flight check on all parts of reins, headstalls, bits, ...everything, before your ride.

(Tooling detail of breast collar at left.) Remember, You choose your breast collar tooling pattern and color. (Basket, Oak, Basket & Oak, Basket / Barb Wire, to name a few)  Cultured Cowboy can match every saddle. More details on the Breast Collar page. 



Heavy Duty Pulling type Breast Collar.   Compare At:$249.00

Here are more pics of one of the versatility saddles semi-customized for one of our clients:

This rear shot lets you see the thickness of the fleece, and the supporting skirt leather as well as the supportive height of the cantle.

OK - ya see the tooling is pretty nice too!

Quality conchos - engraved deeply, machined for excellence and of a metal thick enough to last for a long time.

See how well everything ties in together? Ground seat is padded with just the right "stuff".

Rear housing seats as it should.

Nothing is more vital to your fit with horses than the skirting and fleece chosen as a buffer between saddle & horse's spine/ribcage.

Not just thick when new, this sheepskin will hold both air pockets fro horse comfort and stability for rider safety, in the most harsh of environments. 

Great rigging, Undercut skirts for closer contact, Stainless BC dees so sweat's salt doesn't rot out your skirting about the time a warrantee finishes! 

Rough out finish here has been heavy oiled, stirrup & fender leathers readied for your most enjoyable fitting.

we used to calll that holder a hoof pick holder - on the flank strap. Now we have combo knife/hoofpicks that fit well in this handcrafted pouch. 

Now ya get to see the guts underneath! 

Sturdy, hand- tied so you can re-adjust as you need over time. 

Wear plates in all the right places. Still - your legs are in "touch" with your steed!

Pommel rises tall enough for even a moderately tall withers. Angles of bars fit 80 + % of all horses you'll be using for Western Sports.

Wide enough throat to securely reach into for "un-stable" equines! 

Wow -amazing tooling!  well fitted presentation from seat to pommel.

Cantle & rear details are worth bragging rights! 

Rear side view shows how well everything is brought together for both safety and aesthetics. 

Off- side view

Off side closer view.  Mighty fine, wouldn't ya say! 

So a seat is important, Great padding over a well made bridge from jockey to jockey.  Top grain shown to allow easy seat shifting, yet with Rough out at thighs & legs to hold your whole self exactly into advantageous position. 

Lots of back cut leather (No bellies here) for stirrup leathers, and even the "washer" parts that make it all glide together. 



Our Pricing:  

Our CC Prices are based on the saddle as shown and described.  Don't be shy about asking for options you need. 
For You, we will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, 1) we spend more time asking you, your trainers, instructors and judges, the questions needed, to get everything right for you.  2) we actually ride. 3) we study several disciplines and more than one breed, allowing us to cross over great ideas. 4) we have the experience of fitting hundreds of riders and their horses. 5) we respectfully ask the tree makers and the saddle makers to work with us as a team. Making you the winning rider that you deserve to be always takes a willing team.  These are a few reasons that we understand more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! 

Really, with all the many options available, these saddles are hard to price without a conversation anyway.  There are options of colors, seats, sizes, and fitting. 
Thanks, & God Bless,   Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar headstall and reins with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

GAR- 420351 Heavy Duty Roping Breast Collar.
Single tug straps.
( double tugs available)
Tell us to match the saddle.
Choose color.
Compare At:$339.00

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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