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Western Wedding Gowns

Cultured Cowboy carries a complete selection of wedding gowns for your special western wedding.  Choose from any of the following.  Please note that many of the wedding gowns are also available in colors suitable for your attendants.   Additional dresses for your bridal party are shown under our sites for Wedding Dresses for Flower Girls and Bridesmaids' Dresses

As an additional service to our customers, Cultured Cowboy offers complimentary alterations to those shopping locally in our physical store on all dresses for your bridal party ordered from us if you order six or more.  This is our gift to you in appreciation for your patronage.  If purchasing your dresses from the Internet to be shipped to another location, we will substitute a 10% discount on all dresses when purchasing six or more for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom, grandmothers, etc.  to help with any necessary alterations. 


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Desert Star
MMC382 - $824.99
Western Star
MMC383 - $974.99
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Christina - Only 1 Left
MMC704 - $839.99
Sonoran Star 
MMC381 - $918.99

Featured in American Cowboy Magazine

Cynthia (l) 

Samantha (r) 
MMC701 - $349.99
Limited Selection
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The National Ads we placed in American Cowboy, and American Bride, hit the streets earlier than we expected. Please check back. Each day, there are more links to Pat Dahnke styles. We will be featuring about 35 of her unique styles.
Victorian Dress
PDD54 - $494.99
Victorian Dress Close Up
PDD54 - $494.99
Scalloped Skirt Set
PDD90 - $369.99
Shell PDT14 - $109.99
Bruge Lace Jacket
PDJ33 &
Lichen Cotton Gauze Bias Dress D56 - $574.99 Set
Layered Dress
PDD12 - $304.99
Ruffled Jacket
PDJ31 - $314.99
Bias Double Victorian Flounce Dress
PDD97 - $350.00
Heirloom Dress
PDD53 - $703.99
Short Jacket
PDJ33 - $249.99
Shell PDT14 - $109.99
Velvet Inlay Dress & Laced Vest
PDD92 & PDV03 - Set $484.99
Cotton Gauze Bias Set
PDT10 - $319.99
Veranda Jacket
PDJ29 - $274.99 Gathered Shell
PDT15 -$119.99
Tulip Lace Skirt
PDSO3 - $399.99
Tulip Dress
PDD89 - $359.99
Collage Jacket 
PDJ33 - $249.99
Tulip Dress
PDD89 - $359.99
Dolman Jacket 
PDJ89 - $483.99
 Turquoise Big Shirt 
PDB25 - $247.99
 Crinkled Dress
PDD98 - $241.99


Pat Dahnke
Basic Color Chart

(Custom Colors are available)

Veranda Jacket  PDJ29 - $279.99
Shell PDT14 - $114.99
Spiral Skirt PDS38 - $259.99
White Peasant Blouse
PDB23 - $189.99
White Crinkle Skirt 
PDS11 - $174.99
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