Children's Western Fashion Belts 

When these belts are made, only premium hair-on-calf, and premium leathers are used.  But, remember that just like all God's children are unique, so are the hair patterns on these belts...colors will be true... each is a beautiful individual. 

If you are on a good DSL or Cable connection, and many of you are, these pictures will download fast. If you are on dial up, at 33600, they are going to take a little more time. (So we give you all this info at the top of the page, rather than the bottom.) We are trying to balance better pictures with size of pictures. And with the smaller pics of the past, people could not see the quality of these belts. We often heard comments of how, if they knew what they were getting, they would have ordered more than one. So, we are using larger images this time.   Test...test...test.

Truly, shipping charges on two kids belts are about the same as shipping on one. Girls and boys both really like these children's western belts. (Grandma Senn used to say, "You can't buy a birthday present for just one child... Younger children each deserve a prize on every birthday!")

When sizing your belt, take a tape measure and measure around your wearer's body, at the place you want to wear it. This is easy for boys or girls. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, use a string, then measure that string.  When belts are sized by even inches, (Ex.18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30), this is the measurement to the center hole on the belt. Each size has an allowance of about 1 3/4 inches up and down from the center hole. If you do not have a ruler handy, judge by your jean waist size. Jeans are measured by the inside waist. The belt goes on the outside of the jeans. So, usually you go up one size from the jean waist size. If you wear jeans with different waist sizes, order the largest waist, (plus 1 size), because this is the largest size you would need. Dress pants that fit high will usually be larger than your jeans. Just measure around your waist on top of the pants. 

Many of these belts will be the first real leather belts for your children. When they outgrow them, put 'em in a safe place to give them again for a 30th, 40th, 50th birthday.  You will be amazed at how much this is appreciated!

The rhinestones you see on the girl's Western belts are very brilliant. They do well as the light strikes them. For picture's sakes, to avoid the flashbacks, pics are usually taken using dull lights and little flash, so the stones do not look as striking in these photos as they truly are. "But, you can see the leather, and overall belt better!" Rhinestones are Clear Crystal, unless otherwise marked. 

The hair-on-hide belts will not get "bald" soon. The hair-on-calf material is tanned special so it stays together. Each piece of trim is carefully placed and fastened for you. 

Yes, if a belt is shown with a really nice buckle, it will come with that buckle. If you already have your favorite buckle, most children's belts will interchange the two! They almost all either snap apart with Western snaps, or Chicago screws. (Some of the lowest priced belts are riveted. These belts come with a nice decorative buckle. However, the rivets can be taken out and replaced with Chicago Screws. If you need a couple extra belt type Chicago screws, please let us know. 2 for $3.00. If you want us to remove the rivets and install the Chicago screws, let us know - only $6.00

Because boys and girls both wear many of the same belts, we have included them all on this page. Belt widths are 1 1/4" unless otherwise marked. 


All of the kid's belts in this picture are good choices for children's heavy duty leather belts. They are made sturdy. 

KH-3024K Beaded Sz: 20 - 28.   Compare at: $64.90   CC Price: $51.62
X-3027K Beaded  Sz: 20 - 28.  Compare at: $64.90  CC Price $51.62

XIBB101K Beaded   Sz: 20 - 28.   Compare at: $53.90   CC Price: $42.87
XIBB100K Beaded Sz: 20 - 28.   Compare at: $53.90  CC Price $42.87
XRBK-N  Sz: 20 - 28    Compare at:$38.50  CC Price $30.62
 XRBK-0   Sz: 20 - 28    Compare at: $38.50  CC Price $30.62
XWFN-20   Sz: 30 - 28  Compare at: $31.90   CC Price: $25.37
XWFN-19  Sz: 30 - 28   Compare at: $31.90  CC Price $25.37
KH-1119K Southwestern Beaded   Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $53.90  CC Price $42.87
XBK-5012 Handpainted  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $38.50  CC Price $30.62
  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $30.80  CC Price $24.50
  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $33.00  CC Price $26.25
KB513  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $33.00  CC Price $26.25
IKB1020C  Sz: 20-28     Compare at: $38.50  CC Price $30.62
    Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $42.90  CC Price $34.12
EKB-1  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $31.90  CC Price $25.38
WFN-28K    Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $27.50  CC Price $21.87
NKB01C   Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $42.90  CC Price $34.12
KB553  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $27.50  CC Price $21.87
Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $22.00  CC Price $17.50
KB503  Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $24.20  CC Price$19.25 
Sz: 20-28    Compare at: $38.50  CC Price $30.62
Sz: 20-28   Compare at: $38.50  CC Price $30.62

 Belt Sizes
Several of the belts in this section will be applicable as boy's or girls' or teen's belts. Widths are made to easily fit kid's jeans. The sizes are by waist sizing (over your pants) in inches to the center hole of the billet end. (Sizes: 20, 22, 24, 26, 28).  Each child's belt is available in each of these sizes. 

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